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As the title states, this is nothing more than a series of ordinary tales, penned by an ordinary man, raised in an ordinary time who has suddenly found himself almost an alien living in a time far from his ordinary world of memory.
To those finding the times we live in to be acceptable and normal, you may not find much interest in these mental wonderings and my forming memories. I would suspect that my audience shares with me, the quiet asking of themselves “What has happened??”

Or ….. I could be entirely wrong and end up surprised that these words extend past a generational gap that due to technology, social media, and instant communications is wider than we have ever known.

Some musings will be well edited, while some will be more or less streams of thought that will be edited at some point … take the story to heart and forgive any and all grammatical errors that may arise.

Some pictures have a deep meaning due to the location, the moment or the persons in them but for most they are simply snippets of experience and nothing more.