A final and a first gift



This is a rewrite on “The Gift”,  the clarifying of message in these words is worth the edits taken … enjoy.


Mom and dad moved to Rochester from our little town after their wedding and as all young couples did at the time they struck out on their own and did so with little to no help from anyone else. It was a matter of pride to them that they were to be fully independent and the masters of their combined destiny no matter the end result it was theirs and theirs alone.

That generally means years of struggling and building a life through those difficulties and they did so with wit, fun and grace not at all unlike the story dad would tell at times when he was in the mood for a funny story, which he often was (ableit a tall scotch and water with lots of ice led to many stories).

Mom had been in college when they decided to get married, but left school when it was clear they could not have the wedding after she graduated due to my grandfather Thure being terminally ill. After his sad and untimely death they moved to start anew. Mom had taken a job at the local community college in order to be in a better place financially to finish her degree. Dad was working as a water bottle delivery man and while they both had jobs, they also were living check to check and struggling financially. Even to the point of having to decide on groceries or a Christmas tree during their first year in the small apartment they called home.  Continue reading “A final and a first gift”


My parents went a bit overboard with Christmas which is not a trait I have taken up in the least, for me I would much rather share 1 or 2 gifts per person that have meaning and be done with it ….. however, even with that philosophy I too have been guilty of going overboard at the last minute out of that systemic drive society has to over indulge and succumbed to the guilt. As I get older this guilt means less and less to me and I find myself easily falling back into simplicity. Christmas for me now is not a favored holiday, in fact I find it rather difficult to endure, I am not sure if it is the longing for those days past where I was surrounded by family or if it is my still dealing with the sadness of having lost all but a couple blood relatives to share it with. Whatever the reason, its always met with a sense of dread and obligation to pretend that it is a happy season. Continue reading “Christmas”