Speaking of the real problem …

Reasons why I have grown to despise and doubt every single word the current Pravda media has spoken for years on every topic


Using an horrific tragedy to drive personal agenda is disgusting, takes away from our ability to empathize by desensitizing the masses thru false volume, and worst of all redirects us from looking at the very difficult reasons these events occur.

Thru the mechanics of laziness and myopathy, people are ignoring the obvious issues to rather focus on objects that, in one form or another, have existed for more years than most can count simply because it feels good to point away from ourselves.

The issue at hand is primarily (although not exclusively) 1-2 generations of people that have been over exposed to fictional and visual violence, children allowed to play more and more realistic games that make pointing guns and shooting at other people not only acceptable but the goal for success, and social media that promotes the absolute worship of self where the goal is to promote you persona with the blatant authority of the send button.

With that social reformation, how is violence as the eventual tool to self promotion at all a surprise to anyone???

People being reported to the authorities as threats can be dismissed due to the overwhelming numbers of reports as it is now a common occurrence for insane ranting on media.

People are choosing to blame objects simply because as a society we are flat out unwilling to address and blame a hugely complex issue that we are an accomplice to.

Removing objects does not remove the will, and where there is a will there is a way.

This needs to end, and society needs to have the blinders and redirection of easy answers torn away so that the truth can be addressed and the hard work begun to reclaim the hard fought for peace and tranquillity we have earned in this country.

Owning Your Round – A Remembrance Of My Father


If ever I am ever be remembered as half the man he was, then I can leave this world with pride …

Hawkeye is a nickname I carried proudly for most of my life up until I was college age … in fact on great occasion when I return to my hometown that is the name I am met by. Nowadays it kinda throws me off and sweeps me back 30+ years to a life so dramatically different than todays that I am caught totally off guard …. but it is not a bad thing and the nostalgia is incredibly sweet to me. Continue reading “Owning Your Round – A Remembrance Of My Father”