One of the many incredibly cruel aspects of lung cancer is its ability to spread fast from its original source, and to do so with no regard for it’s host.

This is a lesson I learned as I walked my mother down a three year long road from her diagnosis to her last breath. It was a horrid road filled with what, in retrospect, was nothing more than heartless and intentional twists and turns formed by the disease that had no purpose other than to increase the emotional pain of dying.

As if the act of death is not the most painful process a human body can endure (or as is the fact, not endure but succumb to) this disease steals hope, joy and anything we could ever wish for during those last months, weeks, and days. It seems to have a personality and a plan to wreak as much destruction as it can, evolution has made it quite adept at it’s work. Continue reading “Tourists”

Locked Out

In the age we live in now, the following story would be met with anger and most likely accusations of child abuse. This era and the current mentality of child rearing is likely to be recorded as one of the the primary downfall of current society. We live in an age of safe spaces, unfounded entitlement, social media inspired Dunning-Kruger drones filled with participation trophies where there is zero incentive for anything other than falling into the most profound point on the bell curve labeled mediocrity.

The kindest thing we can ever do as a society is teach our children at an early age and in a somewhat safe environment that life is neither easy, nor is it ever meant to reward the living with “participation trophies”. There are winners and losers, there are success and there are failures, and these are all defined by us in different meaningful ways. The gazelle that is hunted and run down by the cheetah is not given a participation trophy for trying its best, it is either successful and continues on or it is the meal of many. Continue reading “Locked Out”